Wednesday, December 14, 2011

design project: california bungalow

I recently did a project in my design class that I would like to share. We did a housing style project and my housing style was the california bungalow. I find this style to be so beautiful and has so much character. Craftsman style homes are very unique and in Oklahoma we have a lot. 

We had to do a power point presentation. Here is mine. 

Hope you liked it and maybe learned something about california bungalows, I did!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

office inspiration

I am making space in my small (but lovely) apartment for an office space. So I have so ideas that may work. Here are some inspiration photos I found that I loved.

Framed Secretary

Home office eclectic home office




Decor Demons Loft eclectic home office

Blue office eclectic home office

Stenciled corkboard (via Design*Sponge sneak peek: elana of rosebud design) eclectic home office

This is the closest to what I want, or at least what I can realistically have now. 

This apartment is beautiful. To see more, check out this post from Glitter Guide.

not baby fever - design fever, baby!

Baby fever? No, but I do love a beautiful nursery.. Check out some design boards I've done. 

Gender neutral of my favorites!

This is one I did for a fellow blogger who is expecting a baby boy soon. 

Bright modern nursery - could also be gender neutral

Here are some cool ones I found while searching for inspiration:
Pearsons Room traditional kids

Baby Boys Urban Cool Nursery eclectic kids

Maeve Rosalinds After the Rain Room eclectic kids

one semester down

I am taking my last final today. I am so excited that I've made it through my first semester of college (again). I love my design classes but what really surprised me what my new found love for school in general. I am finding that history is no longer my worst and most boring subject, but one very exciting and important subject. I have excelled in my Introduction to Interior Design class, and look forward to next semester. 

This is a process that I am quite enjoying. Since the fall semester is over, that gives me time to work on some cool DIY projects I have been wanting to do. I have lots of art to hang, and a desk to bring back to life. Don't worry I will share it all with you!

Have a great day!

my first design job

Since I graduated high school I have had the opportunity to work for an amazing designer, Kevin Stephens of Kevin Stephens Design Group. I worked for him for close to 2 years and I learned a lot about design, construction, project management, budgeting, and how to deal with clients. I mean A LOT. Everything I did was hands on, and I soo appreciate that experience.

As I research the moves I need to make over the next few years, I realize how important on the job experience is. Its actually a required from the NCIDQ to have a certain amount of work hours under your belt before you can even take the exam to be accredited. Which is awesome because I am half way there!  Well I thought I would share some of what I used to do for Kevin Stephens Design Group, and what I loved about it.

FYI - Kevin remodels historic homes in a very modern way, and also builds new modern lofts (among other things) I was his assistant/project manager/office manager...and a bunch of other stuff..

One thing I loved was that we took these old historic homes with so much charm and character and brought them back to life in a new and exciting way! I grew up in an older home in a historic neighborhood, so this is dear to my heart.

Look at the transformation! We debated on that pink marble tile for a while...but we decided it could stay. Its kinda cool right? 

This one was a HUGE transformation. This kitchen was outdated and all wrong from a space planning perspective. He reconfigured the whole space. Custom walnut cabinets, quartz counter tops, stainless appliances, and marble flooring :) Love it!

These light fixtures were all picked out by yours truly :) I think they are awesome and I found them at a fraction of the cost!

Basically he was purchasing all his fixtures at top dollar and it was getting insane. I found tons of great money saving finds! I can do that for you too (quick plug). 

Everything was carefully selected down to the square pop up drains :) 

I loved that job and thank you so much to Kevin for the opportunity! I will always have a great deal of respect for you.